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For Users: A set of useful and usable JTAG tools.
For Developers: A library to facilitate development of custom JTAG applications.

Current User Features

Current Developer Features



All 3 packages are needed, if you want to use the gdb stub.

libjtag is the base library, containing the cable drivers and JTAG API.
libjtagice contains the debug unit support for ARM7TDMI and MIPS.
jtagstub is the gdb stub, which will work with ARM7TDMI, MIPS and potential other debug unit support targets.

Configure, make and install all three packages in the above order. I suggest configuring into a separate directory, like this:
mkdir b-libjtag
cd b-libtag
make install

Also read the README files in the main directorys!

Planned Features

Work is going on to provide:

Developers wanted


This project was started by Ryuji Naitou from Japan, who published the sourced under GPL in March 2004. Heiko Panther then picked up on it, making the ARM7TDMI debugger work, improving the portability (to make it work on his Mac), and other stuff.